cone 1

The insides of London phoneboxes are often decorated, though sadly only with flyers showing bare ladies and offers of lurid excitement.

Sometimes there is something a bit different as I blogged about recently, and this sticker of a pine cone is another example.

Quite what it’s all about I don’t know.

Not that it needs to be about anything of course; it’s a fine thing in it’s own right and for fine things just existing is reason enough for, well….existing.

I would like to know what the story behind it is though.

cone 2


This is the capital on the top of one of the pillars of a Victorian drinking fountain. The leaves carved on these things tend to be Acanthus, but I don’t think these are. Having said that I have no idea what plant they’re supposed to be, but then neither it seems do English Heritage who describe it simply as a “foliated capital”.  

A carved ornamental standing block of stone

A rather loveley pair of Art Nouveau period leaves, on green faience tiles.

This is the first in what might become a regular series, or maybe an irregular one, or perhaps just the odd post now and again – who knows it’s all a bit random.

 Wonderful isn’t it? – an old water fountain next to a church – and the carving is of water-lilies.