The plan was to get up before the sun and get to the river.

However I had not reckoned on friends turning up and a spontaneous drink or two, which put paid to any hopes of an early start. By the time I’d got a few chores out of the way the weather had turned grotty, and that, plus¬†my gammy leg put me off going any adventure that woudl involve¬†getting cold and wet.

But I was bored. I could have read a book or something, but I needed to occupy my hands as well as my mind.

So I made this little meths stove out of a couple of coke cans. I’d read about them a few days before on an outdoorsy blog, and never having heard of such a thing found myself searching for more info and soon turned up instructions for making them.

It looked like a fun thing to do and so it proved. It was fairly simple to create, but did take some care and concentration. And a little bit of thought actually because the instructions were not completely clear.

Having made one, I suppose I should try it out, but I might make a better one first. Plus I’d need to make a pot/pan stand for it and that will take some thought, because all the ones I’ve seen so far have been a bit ropey.


Yesterday, on the way to the river, I dropped in on a local car boot sale.

I would have gone straight to the water, but I was meeting my brother who is a stranger to early rising at weekends.

It was a fruitful trip. The boot sale that is, the fishing was a bit disappointing.

I came away with rather an eclectic mix.

An Abu Diplomat 844M closed faced reel.

A brand new folding stool, with a strong carrying bag, which will be ideal for camping, fishing and exploring.

And a book from an exhibition of Bridget Riley’s painting and drawings 1951-1971 held at The Hayward Gallery from 20th July to 5th September 1971.

(which include a number of illustrations found here).

Something for the mind body and soul.

I leave you to chose which is which.