If you have read this blog in the past you may recall that we have in the garden, as well as Daleks, giant spider webs.

And of course if you have them, then you must have giant spiders.

There is already one of these lurking somewhere outside from a previous years’ web, but Lord knows where it’s scuttled off to so I’ve made two more.

You need some wire (I use copper), a bead, and a stone with a hole in it. The latter may be hard to find, so you could use a large bead, or make something out of clay.

As you can see I used an old piece of terracotta, which I drilled a hole in and shaped. About 2 seconds in I realised that it, a piece of old roofing tile, was nowhere near as soft as I had anticipated. So my advice would be to find a piece of terracotta that is soft enough that it marks easily with something metal, such as a nail. Otherwise you will, as I did, spend ages shaping it.

Still, at least it will be frost-proof.