Another piece of street art. This time of a soldier by Endless.

As you will see the trooper has Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Luis Vuitton logos on his uniform; no doubt a commentary on branding and sponsorship that’s endemic in the modern world.

It’s not particularly original and puts me in mind of the sort of thing that used to appear 25 years ago in 2000AD’s comic spin-off Crisis.

┬áThat aside it’ got an awful lot of detail in it for a stencil. It’s found on Shaftsbury Avenue, just south of the junction with New Oxford Street.

Nearby the same artist has put up a pair of faux Nazi eagles on some doors. I’m not sure what the message is there – I don’t imagine it’s a fascist statement, but I’m a bit lost on that one I must admit.






While I don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions, I have this year made a decision that I plan to stick with through 2014 and beyond.

It is to take my camera with me as much as is possible, or perhaps that should be as much as is sensible. I used to carry it a lot, but somehow got out of the habit and since I don’t have a camera on my ancient phone I’ve missed a few things I’d have liked to have snapped.

One was a simple and vibrant piece of street art on some phone boxes near Charing Cross.

The day I remembered to stick my camera in my pocket I found that the authorities had begun painting it over. That made me reach my decision right away.

As is often the case with these sort of things since I’ve had the thing with me, there’s been nothing worth capturing.

However last Thursday I fleetingly took this photo on a different phone box.

At first I thought it was a drawing, but I see now that it’s a sticker. What it’s about I’ve no idea, but things like this always interest me (as several of my blog posts will attest) and it reminded me of a comic strip called Milk and Cheese that used to be in Deadline.

Man I loved Deadline.