Allotments are, by and large, industrious, but calm and reflective places.

This weekend mine was anything but, when hundreds of revellers descended on my plot.

My allotment was the scene of a bee rave.

They were jigging all over the chives, rolling intoxicated on the welsh onion pom-poms, dancing stylishly across the last lacecaps of sweet cicely, and descending determindly on the globes of  angelica as if they were indeed glitter balls in some mad disco, with a free bar.

Like the plant flowers, the bees were of mixed colour and size, but all buzzing the same note of happiness.

It was utterly joyous – Glastonbury for bees.

Sadly this was a select event and not one repeated on any of the other plots on the site. Of course they will all be glad of the bees when they’ve yards of runner beans that need pollinating, but none of them have filled the bees’ hungry gap.

I might put a sign up naming my patch – Ib-Bee-Za

victorIn just over six short weeks I have an RHS exam. Am I honing my revision programme? Am I focussing on the areas where questions are always asked and tailoring my revision accordingly.

Am I chuff.I’m indulging in what can only be described as displacement activity. Chief amongst which is finishing reading a few books.

One of them is Digger’s Diary by Victor Osborne, which is about a year on his allotment. It’s OK, but not great, and there are better books in then same vein.

I have just read how he (an alleged organic gardener) killed a bumble bee nest in one of his compost bins. I felt a bit ill, which is unusually soft of me, but I do love bumblebees.

The author’s stated reason was that he was worried about being stung. My other half felt the same when I charged indoors a few years back incandescent with glee because bumblies were nesting in my compost bin. I explained that I have never been stung by one – not even the time I had one in my mouth (long story) – but nevertheless it was still difficult to explain what an exciting thing was present in our garden.

It never crossed my mind to destroy the nest and I hope the author later realised the needless folly of his actions.

Still we all do things we later regret.

I just hope I don’t regret not doing more revision.