bag kit

Almost eighteen months ago I posted about equipment/kit lists and putting something together for the wombling expeditions that Little Boots and I regularly undertake.

Just recently I’ve put those thoughts into action. I had been taking a rucksack with us, but it was a bit too big for what was needed and the tendency in having a big bag is to take far more kit than you need, so the first thing was to get a smaller bag and I wanted something that’s worn over the shoulder for speed of access.

This is what I ended up with, it’s a Finnish army bag, which is about a foot square and has some useful internal pockets. The rucksack, which gets taken on all sorts of trips including shopping, school and work and so needs constant loading and unloading.

The idea with this bag is that it has a dedicated purpose and so is always ready to grab and go. That means apart from adding food, drink and almost always a camera it’s always got the kit in we need in it ready and waiting. I made a list of the things we always take, the things we often take and the things we sometimes take. I then thought about the things we never take, but should, or perhaps have talked about whilst we were out (for example the torch, for looking down holes and exploring in dark woods). From all these things I put together an inventory of what needs to go in the bag.

A few wombling escapades should shake out whether we have all we might need, not enough or too much.