January 2014

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More pics of Nathan Bowen’s Strand art as promised. His website is here. nb a. jpeg


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Street Art by Nathan Bowen – at The Strand/Bedford St, London 

(I took more pics but it was raining and my camera is rubbish and it was murky too, so they came out pants – I will take more)

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More favourite things.

Some years ago a relative, knowing of my interest in British flora gave me three field guide books from the Readers’ Digest Nature Lover’s Library series, covering British Birds, Wild Flowers and Trees & Shrubs.

They became immediate favourites and I have learned so much from them. In fact I still do.

With that in mind it was odd both that I never came across any other titles, or even considered that more might exist.

Three months ago, out of the blue, I found a copy of Butterflies and Other Insects of Britain, which I had to have even though I have butterflies and moths covered reference book-wise.

And then, during the Christmas hols Little Boots and I found Animals of Britain during a book-wombling expedition around local charity shops.

I was pleased to have what I knew would be a decent reference book and one to add to others in the series. Little Boots, curiously was also pleased with it. I soon learned why. Towards the back it has a section on animal footprints.

And LB reckons to have good tracking skills.

Personally I’m not so sure but, whatever the reality, it’s an unusual ability for a nine-year old to profess to have.

As for me – I’ve some tracking of my own – there’s sixth and final book – Waterlife of Britain – I must have it.


While I don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions, I have this year made a decision that I plan to stick with through 2014 and beyond.

It is to take my camera with me as much as is possible, or perhaps that should be as much as is sensible. I used to carry it a lot, but somehow got out of the habit and since I don’t have a camera on my ancient phone I’ve missed a few things I’d have liked to have snapped.

One was a simple and vibrant piece of street art on some phone boxes near Charing Cross.

The day I remembered to stick my camera in my pocket I found that the authorities had begun painting it over. That made me reach my decision right away.

As is often the case with these sort of things since I’ve had the thing with me, there’s been nothing worth capturing.

However last Thursday I fleetingly took this photo on a different phone box.

At first I thought it was a drawing, but I see now that it’s a sticker. What it’s about I’ve no idea, but things like this always interest me (as several of my blog posts will attest) and it reminded me of a comic strip called Milk and Cheese that used to be in Deadline.

Man I loved Deadline.

It was crazy busy in the run up to Christmas and I was very glad when Christmas Eve finally arrived.

We’ve had a good Christmas break here at Boot Hall, but the seemingly constant grim weather has meant that we have not ventured outside as much as I’d have liked. That’s something I plan to remedy in the coming weeks – I need a big dose of outdoors.

Meanwhile, aside from sitting by the log-fire watching rubbish on telly, I have been drifting around the internet – more out of boredom than anything else.

However, some good did come of it as (via The Outdoor Blogger Network) I did discover a blog, Wild Tide which I like enough to add to my (select) blog roll.

It’s an outdoorsy Cornish blog featuring as you might expect surfing, kayaking and fishing stuff, but also includes some food and drink posts, the most bizarre of which has to be creating the Cornish Flag via the medium of crispie cakes.

It also includes some pieces on art and artists and I‘ve been introduced to the work of Clare Corfield Carr and Debby Mason, neither of whom I was not previously aware of, but like a lot. And I would love to buy one of Debby’s fish prints – if only I wasn’t skint after Christmas.