aussie knot

This is a funny little knot.

I’ve no idea what its real name is. There will be at least two. All knots have a minimum of two names. It’s a bit like (but isn’t) a half-hitch I’ve decided after looking in a book I’ve got.

I have called it the Aussie Noose because I noticed at the weekend when I was desperately flicking through the TV channels for something to watch and I came to a programme where someone had been hung in Australia 100 years ago. I was about to flick on when I noticed the rope. It was tied in what didn’t look like a noose and was, I thought, just a loop that someone had tied just to give the semblance of one. To me it looked like a Granny Knot.

Being mildly obsessed by knots at the moment I made a quick sketch of it, before carrying on channel-hopping. Later I picked up a piece of string and tried reconstructing it. Luckily it had been tied rather loosely on telly, as captured in my sketch, and I was able to do so fairly easily.

It’s a simple knot and, (I was surprised to discover) is a slip-knot, so could function as a noose. But probably not one that’s easy to get off afterwards. As you will see it’s based on a simple overhand knot. Then the free end is looped around the other and tucked back under itself. It’s then simply a matter of pulling on all four strands (A, B, C, D) that exit the knot, to tighten it.