How long ago was it that I posted about home-made lures? Nine months? It doesn’t seem so long. Remiss of me then not to mention in my Year on the Fly post Joel’s Scrapyard Plug. As regular readers of this blog know I love a good self-fabricated item, and so I loved this post. But even more so since it set off in me another of my pipedreams.

Well pipedreams is a bit harsh as it suggests someone whose plans never progress beyond the pie in the sky and some of my schemes do, form time to time, bear fruit.

But I am aware that I have ideas and ambition that outstrip my means of achieving them.

Getting to the point, I believe that the last photo in Joel’s blogpost is what he calls a Sunfish and what I know as a Pumpkinseed. When I say “I know” I should explain that I have never caught or even seen one, but I have it in my head from Jonathan Newdick’s classic book The Complete Freshwater Fishes of the British Isles that there are Pumpkinseeds somewhere in the UK.

On checking he book I find that that it states that the species was introduced from America at the turn of the 20th century and occurs “only in lakes in Somerset and perhaps one or two localities in Suffolk.”

Since the publishing date was 1979 I wonder what the situation is these days.

Now wouldn’t tracking them down and catching some be an adventure?