In a few weeks I’m moving to a new job. This one will be largely based on London and so over the last week or so I’ve gradually started clearing out my desk and fling cabinets.

It’s been quite tedious to be honest, sorting out what to keep and what to bin. So I was sat yesterday afternoon leafing through some old papers with my mind wondering if the rain predicted for Sunday was going to be heavy enough to spoil, or postpone my opening day of the season fishing trip.

Now since I’ve returned to angling I’ve noticed that I’ve become a good deal more superstitious. That would worry me but for the fact that seeing signs of luck and portents does seem to be something I do only in connection with fishing.

As I rifled through some loose sheets one fell to the floor. I picked it up and found that it had been doodled on. Two things occurred to me.

Firstly that the seal was quite good. Well you could tell it was a seal and that’s something – I’m not a great artist. In fact it was a little bit stylised – like some North Native American art that I’ve seen.

The second thing that came into my mind was that this long forgotten image was of a superb fish predator. Surely this was an omen of success to come?

Ridiculous I know, but we humans are, when all’s said and done, ridiculous creatures.