As I referred to in the last post one of the knots I have recently learned to tie is the Scaffold Knot. Since then I have put it to use making this rather over elaborate piece of kit. It’s made from about 30 feet of para cord.

The main body of it is tied using the Cobra Weave, which is far simpler than it may appear. The two ends are tied to keyrings/split rings by Uni Knots with Scaffold Knots.


But what’s it actually for?

Well its a strap for my umbrella.

You see my (sporadically magic if not always waterproof) Gardens Illustrated umbrella is one of my favourite things and I have a tendency to lean it up against things in shops etc. and then leave without it. This has meant I have nearly lost it a dozen or so times.

I’d long thought that what it needed was shoulder strap, but wasn’t sure how to go about making it, in terms both of materials and method of attachment. Then I saw some grey and brown paracord-like string and the solution immediately sprang to mind. Like I say it’s a bit over-engineered, and looks like a ceremonial military lanyard, but it is effective.

And comfortable.