Generally If I buy a book I keep it and I also used to have a more specific rule that if I started reading a book, then I would continue reading it till the end.

Lately I have abandoned both these rules. Frankly life’s to short to press on with a book you aren’t enjoying, something that was pressed home by two successive books that I abandoned half way through because they were so tedious. This was driven home by the fact that they were both fishing books, a genre where the standard is generally above average.

So I decided to sell these books and a few other bits and pieces to make a bit more space and to raise it of cash for a new ukulele. I raised the money I needed, but determined to keep on with selling some of the books I was never going to read again. I also said to myself that I should stop buying books for a bit because I have a stack of them that are as yet unread.

However I couldn’t resist buying this the other day because it was in such good condition and marvellously illustrated. With pictures that capture the joy of angling, a Cold War spy from the Ipcress File taking part in some match fishing and an Intrepid reel. Not a Rola, but one of that body-shape, maybe a Diplomat, but more likely a Consort.

Sometimes it’s nice just to own nice things.



uke1 001

uke1 002


uke1 003