A few weeks back this piece in the Guardian’s travel section led me to Phoebe Smith’s recently published book Extreme Sleeps – Adventures of a Wild Camper. Consequently I bought it a few days ago and polished it off very swiftly.

Whilst it is a quick read in itself, I pretty much galloped through it because I haven’t enjoyed a book as much for a while. Partly this was down to the author’s easy style and, as I say, because it’s not a particularly densely printed book, but largely due to the fact that I liked the idea of doing something both individual and slightly clandestine, set against dollops of nature and getting away from it all.

At times it does feel slightly staged, as if the series of adventures were undertaken largely so that they could be written about, but that is perhaps just my perception.

That aside, I put the book down both wanting more and wondering how I could do something similar.