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There’s always a small judder of excitement on receiving a parcel through the post and this probably explains a good deal about the success of eBay/Amazon because, even when you have paid for the item enclosed, it still seems like a present.

This raises a notch when the package comes from overseas. Consequently I was delighted recently when a parcel from the United States was delivered. Inside was a T-shirt (available here) from a site called  Arizona Wandering, which is run by a great guy called Ben.

It’s nice to have something a bit unique and as with the T shirt from Vintage Hiking Depot I mentioned while back I may be the only person (at the moment) with one, on this side of the Atlantic.

Of course it’s not all about exclusivity, it still has to have good design quality. In this case both are more than good, they’re great. Added to that the trout is by an artist by the name of KC Badger – a fact that itself pleases me for reasons I’m not entirely clear about.

However Little Boots who has yet to catch a “Spotty Herbert” is less enamoured and clearly feels it is some kind of T-shirt-based taunt.