More amusing signage.

This time the mirth-making is utterly unintentional. Indeed I would suggest that that person responsible for this is utterly devoid of any sort of humour.

As you will see it says “Steep Drop” and as it is attached to the railings on a third floor stairwell it’s difficult to think of a drop that could be any steeper.

Of course I could be pedantic and say that it is not steep since that suggests an incline, but rather it is a shear drop. But then I would be as small-minded as the dolts responsible for twerposity of this sort. By which I mean the kind of Health and Safety tediousness which litters our world and serves no purpose other than an extremely slim, anti-Darwinian possibility of stopping idiots harming themselves.

Phew, relax, Clarkson moment over.

Glad I got that off my chest.