February 2013

can 002

There’s always a small judder of excitement on receiving a parcel through the post and this probably explains a good deal about the success of eBay/Amazon because, even when you have paid for the item enclosed, it still seems like a present.

This raises a notch when the package comes from overseas. Consequently I was delighted recently when a parcel from the United States was delivered. Inside was a T-shirt (available here) from a site called  Arizona Wandering, which is run by a great guy called Ben.

It’s nice to have something a bit unique and as with the T shirt from Vintage Hiking Depot I mentioned while back I may be the only person (at the moment) with one, on this side of the Atlantic.

Of course it’s not all about exclusivity, it still has to have good design quality. In this case both are more than good, they’re great. Added to that the trout is by an artist by the name of KC Badger – a fact that itself pleases me for reasons I’m not entirely clear about.

However Little Boots who has yet to catch a “Spotty Herbert” is less enamoured and clearly feels it is some kind of T-shirt-based taunt.



The plan was to get up before the sun and get to the river.

However I had not reckoned on friends turning up and a spontaneous drink or two, which put paid to any hopes of an early start. By the time I’d got a few chores out of the way the weather had turned grotty, and that, plus my gammy leg put me off going any adventure that woudl involve getting cold and wet.

But I was bored. I could have read a book or something, but I needed to occupy my hands as well as my mind.

So I made this little meths stove out of a couple of coke cans. I’d read about them a few days before on an outdoorsy blog, and never having heard of such a thing found myself searching for more info and soon turned up instructions for making them.

It looked like a fun thing to do and so it proved. It was fairly simple to create, but did take some care and concentration. And a little bit of thought actually because the instructions were not completely clear.

Having made one, I suppose I should try it out, but I might make a better one first. Plus I’d need to make a pot/pan stand for it and that will take some thought, because all the ones I’ve seen so far have been a bit ropey.


More amusing signage.

This time the mirth-making is utterly unintentional. Indeed I would suggest that that person responsible for this is utterly devoid of any sort of humour.

As you will see it says “Steep Drop” and as it is attached to the railings on a third floor stairwell it’s difficult to think of a drop that could be any steeper.

Of course I could be pedantic and say that it is not steep since that suggests an incline, but rather it is a shear drop. But then I would be as small-minded as the dolts responsible for twerposity of this sort. By which I mean the kind of Health and Safety tediousness which litters our world and serves no purpose other than an extremely slim, anti-Darwinian possibility of stopping idiots harming themselves.

Phew, relax, Clarkson moment over.

Glad I got that off my chest.