stone train

Stone trains.

Big. Ugly. Long. Boring.

Necessary, I’m sure, but tedious.

Of course I’m entirely biased, because if anything wakes me at 3 a.m. on a summer’s morning, when the windows are open, it will be a stone train. That I can guarantee.

To add to that, I will also be certain not to get back to sleep until five minutes before the alarm is due to go off.

And it’s always the case that if our local crossing barriers are down on an occasion when it’s really important to get to the other side, the cause will always be a stone train.

I’m not a fan.

Lately I’ve seen a few (it’s not the same one) that have been lightly bombed. In the spray-can sense that is. And that fills me with glee. With their big flat sides they make a great canvass and it seems a shame that such enhancement has to be illicit. It would make the world more a interesting, and illustrative, and less grindingly gruesome, place if someone routinely jazzed-up these dull, ugly behemoths of the rails.