book 003

So I left my cap on the train. Pah!

Sure it was an Adidas one that cost a few quid, but I never liked it that much. It had the newer 3 bar logo on it which is a right load of gash, even more so when you think it replaced the classic trefoil design.

Besides I had another. The thing is it was a cheap Primark special that I bought five years ago to wear whilst constructing a garden for the RHS show at Tatton Park and not to care if it got trashed.

The trouble is that it looked like all of those things.

So I decided I must get one that didn’t look like it had been stolen from a tramp and coincidentally I came across this one the very next day.

Life Is Good is not just a statement, but is actually the brand name. Not one that’s particularly known in the UK I’d say, but they claim to produce “environmentally friendly clothing for environmentally friendly people”, plus they do good work for kids in need.

All of which sounds fine to me

These things I only learned later.

For my mind the linking of an image of a fisherman with the words “life is good” was enough to make me want to buy it. Because the last 12 months have been pretty fair, especially coming after three quite awful years and within those months the very best of times have been when I was away from it all and fishing.

And even more so when Little Boots was doing it too.