With my wardrobe starting to look a bit shabby, if not downright holey, I threw a load of clothes out recently. Or rather put them in the textile recycling. This created the need to buy some replacement apparel and I was determined not to just buy in a load of high street clobber, but instead be a touch more select with my purchases.

Since watching Jaws at the cinema a few months back I have become, I admit, mildly obsessed with the sayings of Captain Quint and so a themed T-shirt bearing the quote “You get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing” was a compulsory, and compulsive purchase.

More reminiscent of a custom bike shop, than anything piscatorial, I’d love one of these Streatham Fishing Club Ts, but alas they are presently unavailable.

What are available and equally bespoke are Vintage Hiking Depot tops. With a nice feel and quality, there won’t be too many people this side of the pond sporting one.

They are available here.