Many things catch my fancy, attention, imagination, call it what you will. Some of them I am able to do, others I plan to do and others are just pipe dreams. Mostly circumstances (time, money, commitments etc.) smother any plans before they can achieve any kind of gestation. This in turn creates pangs of yearning that only exacerbate the feelings of unrequited loss.

Then something comes along that really fires my synapses and it’s a million times worse.

Recently I read an article about a remote mountain lake, containing wild fish. It sparked a ridiculously strong urge to go there. Perhaps I have been subconsciously thinking of such places since I recalled Bleabury Tarn a year ago. An adventure to a wild place, with wild fish – difficult to resist.

But what are the chances of making it happen? Pretty slim. I’m not even sure our car’s up to the journey, aside from anything else.

But I guess if I do a bit more dreaming, and a lot more scheming, I might just get it to happen.