Time rattles on ever faster.

Little Boots’ birthday is in a couple of weeks, but the last one seems such a short while ago.

The present list consisted entirely of branded plastic tat and electronarcotica.

To this I added a short  fishing rod and reel, that wasn’t really understood at the time but has since proved its worth.

There was another small gift that I’d forgotten was a birthday present until I saw this blog post last week. A Swiss Army knife.

Some might say that it wasn’t a very appropriate present for a seven year old, certainly the OH thought so, but at bedtime the question “What’s your favourite present?” was answered with “My knife”.

Of course I’m not that stupid to let the munchkin loose with the thing unsupervised. Whilst potentially dangerous it is only a tool, and it’s important that children are taught to use tools correctly, safely and responsibly. So it stays stored in a drawer and is only allowed out for fishing trips and exploring expeditions.

It undoubtedly adds a degree of ‘grown-upness’ and confidence to these events simply by being carried around in a pocket, but even more so when, as has happened a number of times, it proves itself invaluable.

(Thanks to VHD for use of the image)