A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a repeat of an episode Roger Deakin’s Wildwood on the radio. It featured David Nash an artist who carved a huge wooden ball which he planned to get back to his studio by floating it along a stream. But then he changed his mind and instead decided to let it carry on to the sea and chart that journey over the several years it took. I recall seeing something about it on TV a couple of years ago.

All of this came back into my mind the other day when I stumbled on this blog. A “mystery artist” has made several thousand ceramic eggs and having laid them out on a Sussex hillside to photograph (shades of Andy Goldsworthy perhaps) introduced them into the Thames (bar the biggest that is now in the British Museum).

Meanwhile a blogger has picked up on this and between fishing trips, tackle collecting, etc. is scouring the watercourse for them and collecting loads.

Check out not just this blog post, but also earlier and later ones, as the story develops. There’s even a short film now.

Personally I’d be happy just for one and as I’m in the Capital tomorrow I’m weighing up the possibility of going egg hunting .