There’s a street that I walk down regularly. It’s where this is found and also not far from this. There, between two buildings, is a gap. I’m not sure why there isn’t a building there, but I don’t think it’s because it’s more valuable as a car park space, which is the use to which it’s put. All of which is a largely irrelevant preamble to the fact that the two walls have recently been covered by big street art murals.

They’re amazing. Initially I wondered how such large pieces had been created clandestinely on a busy urban street, but then saw the name Zorbas running down the side. This isn’t the artist, but rather the café-kebab shop next door, so they were perhaps commissioned. That said the shop has been closed for some months now, so they are perhaps by way of a memorial

Very different stylistically, I first assumed that they were by two artists, but closer observation shows “On Going Kaos” written on one and “OGK” on the other (Kaos is a tag that I’ve seen around) and so I reckon that they are by a single artist showing their skill in different styles

It’s shame more businesses don’t commission art like this to breath life into grotty spaces. And it’s a shame that the tight space makes the murals difficult to take in at once.