Over the last couple of months I’ve seen quite a few humourous things sign-written on vans.

Well, they have for the most part been intended to be humourous, even if they weren’t – mind you I do enjoy a really bad pun. Especially when it’s van signage.

Some have been unintentionally funny – I saw a brewery van last week with “We love Scotch Eggs” written on the side, in addition to the stuff about the brewery & it’s beers, and I laughed out loud. I’m sure beer & Scotch Eggs go very well together, but it just seemed a bit …random. Pickled Eggs of course would have been fine.

I have singularly failed to capture a single one of them with my camera however – something I seek to rectify – I have been practicing my quick draw camera skills. As a result this van was easy prey.

Mind you it was parked up.