Today I saw this.

It’s rather fabulous. After dark it will be lit up and paraded around the town as part of an arts event.

Unfortunately I was not able to return to witness this. What was also remarkable was that people were streaming past and for the most part ignoring it. How you can ignore a big cloth dinosaur is a bit beyond me. A few did cast a glance towards it with expressions that said “Ugh! That’s weird”.

I stopped and asked about it and the people I talked to seemed genuinely thrilled when I asked if I could take a photograph.

As I sat on the train afterwards I could only contrast this with the beginning of the day when I passed nearby and marvelled at the huge snaking cue of people leading to the mobile phone shop, all excited at the prospect of splashing a load of cash on a new electronic god to keep in their pocket.

The two sides of the modern zombie, with a dinosaur in the middle.