Something is attacking the plants in the indoor allotment. I say something because I have yet to identify them.

Mostly they are on the gingers. A careful look will reveal one or two and they are easily rubbed off, and the plants show no sign of damage. But one plant has a heavier infestation and shows the tell-tale mottling of sap-suckers at work. This is one of the few plants that I have not grown from scartch and so is, I suspect the carrier they came in on.

It’s difficult to describe what they look like because they are so tiny. Barely two millimetres in length, and less than half a mil across, they are dark grey with white markings. It difficult to say more.

I brought some home hoping that the micro-camera I have would provide more detail, but they are just too small as the photo with a penny for scale indicates.

Addendum – I quickly found out from my RHS Pest & Diseases – Pippa Greenwood & Andrew Halstead, that they are Banded Palm Thrips