This happens to me quite regularly: someone points towards you a muzzy photo of a plant, or produces a bedraggled piece of foliage, and says “What’s this?”

My late father-in-law was a great one for it. He’d ask me to identify some piece of unfamiliar exotic fauna in his garden on the Cote D’Azur, and then regard me as an idiot when I had no idea. It didn’t matter that I could name every plant in his garden back in the UK, even down to the cultivar with a lot of them.

So it was today when a colleague bowled this apple at me and asked what it was.

I tried pointing out that the RHS, and I think Brogdale would identify it for a fee.

“I thought you could tell me,” came the reply.

I reckon Spartan maybe – probably not a Lord Lambourne

The pound coin is there for scale, but this is not a fully grown fruit just one that fell off the tree.