Back in April last year (was it really that long ago?), I explained that I have a small book in which I keep a note of any horticultural quotes that I come across which appeal to me.

For a little while I’ve been meaning to get something similar for the non-gardening quotes that end up on scraps of paper fluttering back and forth from desk to floor before disappearing forever.

Either the OH is binning them, or Little Boots is stashing them somewhere in order to build up a collection of amusing and unusual quotations, possibly with a career in after-dinner speaking in mind.

So today at last I bought a notebook, to record the quotes, miscellaneous references and various ideas I have for a couple of books I’d like to one day write.

The thing is it’s not a notebook. It’s a journal. It says so on the cover. That seems a bit grand for my tastes and so, despite its lovely, soft leather cover etc, I’m going to stick with notebook.