At the weekend I watched a few episodes of something called Art Rocks. Each one featured a potted biog of a performer together with them talking about their visual art and influences.

Moby was really interesting and draws micro-graffiti of little alien guys.

Iggy Pop was unintentionally hilarious, apparently talking knowledgeably about a local artist, but then only recognising the bloke on the street because he had his name painted down the side of his car. Later he did his own painting which he said was very much like the work of German impressionists. To my mind it was so awful the only impressionist it should have been likened to was Bobby Davro taking off Frank Spencer.

Funkadelic legend George Clinton was gloriously way out and produced some good abstracts that belied being colour blind from birth. He came out with the following that could be applied to gardening as much as art:

“It don’t bother me to clash colours. Way I look at it a box of crayons don’t clash. Only when you have two, three colours will they clash. Once you get over four colours, five colours they don’t clash no more.”