It would be true to say that I was not particularly impressed when, some time ago, the OH returned home with a Sky TV package. Over the last couple of years I’ve actively tried to watch less telly, particularly the stuff that is merely mental bubblegum. There was also a concern that Little Boots already watched too much telly.

It seemed to me that that this was a wholly bad idea.

Some months later whilst scanning through the TV channels desperately seeking something to watch and I stumbled onto a programme on one of the Sky Arts channels featuring street art.

It was really good, so I then started looking through the channel’s schedule for more of the same. I found it, and whilst doing so came across other programmes on that and other channels which aroused my curiosity.

There was also an enormous load of shite I have to say.

There’s a moral in there somewhere about something positive being found in the most unlikely circumstances, or to seek the good in every situation.

Me – I just like big, clever, spray-painted murals .

But, truly I did not expect to rediscover my love of art via satellite TV – it’s been like finding a lost part of myself.

I saw this excellent piece the other day – apologise for the picture quality – I took it from a moving train.