Following on from the last post, I did watch some gardening on TV at the weekend.

There’s a new programme called The Horticultural Channel on satellite channel Information TV. It’s pretty ‘home-made’ & I personally don’t think there’s space on a half-hour, fortnightly programme purporting to be ‘horticultural’ for regular features on chickens & home-baking, but it was entertaining & diverting, sometimes it has to be said, in an unintentional way, particularly the guy introducing us to his weed-infested allotment plot, bisected by a ridiculous blue fence.

That said, there was a useful tip for getting rid of sciarid flies – almond oil. Oh, and Charles Dowding was good.

Enough to make me return to watch more, and see how it develops.

(The photo is of Sorbus x thuringiaca – a hybrid of rowan and whitebeam and is included with this post for no reason other than I took it ages ago and have just found it)