The last couple of days have been spent off work, with Little Boots who’s been under the weather. It’s been one of those illnesses where the staying off school is a necessity, but you, as a parent, don’t feel overly concerned about the child‘s health.

The timing was not brilliant, but being at home has actually been quite nice. Although I do have to confess that it has been a bit boring.

The sproglet demanded to be accompanied, or rather moaned when left alone, so I spent a lot of time sat on the sofa, working rather unsatisfactorily and ineffectually on my book, whilst the littl’un vegged in front of end to end Phineas and Ferb, whilst refusing to countenance any alternative.

So, when the OH arrived home with a bundle of comics for LB and a garden magazine for me. I thought “Great!” having let my Gardens Illustrated subscription go a few months ago during an austerity drive. Imagine my disappointment to find my gift was the Gardeners World Magazine.

I was planning to covertly slip it straight into the recycling, but I did flick through it, just to be sure that there was nothing with looking at, when I discovered that there was for a change an interesting piece “Our experts reveal the 20 best plants ever”, featuring plant recommendations from 20 experts. Well 19 and Titchmarch.

Desoite a cover claim of 26, it was only 23 pages out of the magazine total of 206 – actually 20 if you took out the car adverts (car adverts!? I ask you!).

At a pro rata 37p of the cover price that section was I guess well worth it, nothing else in the publication seemed to be.

I used to think that I didn’t read GW mag anymore, because I’ve outgrown it. That is undoubtedly true in large part, but another big factor is that I find it really quite boring. It doesn’t help that 36 % of the content is adverts 11% of which have nothing to do with gardening and a surprising 6.5% is self-promotion of the magazine. [By this page counting you can tell how bored I was].

One can’t help but think that if they didn’t pay celeb types BAland Titchmarsh and Monty Dull, with what I assume are celeb-type fees, and instead get copy from some of the 19 aforementioned pros, they could cut overheads and so not need to fill the mag with ads and at the same time make it interesting to something other than pensioners and noddy-gardeners.

It’ll never happen.

What a load of gash.