If my horticultural mojo is currently absent, my recycling one isn’t.

I need to get Project Potshack under way once more because it ground to a halt in September owing to a lack of materials. Clearly I need to do some wombling around to scavenge some more materials. It might even be that there is some in the garage, which is full of all sorts of rubbish. At one point it was so full of junk that it was virtually impossible to get into the building. Mind you that was really in large part down to the fact that I’d blocked the doorway by opening it and slinging a mountain of logs in.

This is a pointer to another must-do job – a log store. With a green roof.

Over the last months we’ve been doing a lot of tidying and sorting here at Boot Hall.

And for me part of that is making use of some of the clutter that’s been amassed with some future use in mind.

Last summer I got hold of a hardwood framed, double glazed window unit, that I thought would make a good lid for a cold frame. Once I’ve fixed a rotten corner. Now I come to use it I’m not so sure. Partly because it’s so bloody heavy and this means the body of the frame will need to be suitable beefy to prevent a plant flattening collapse, which means it’s less easy to move. And partly because I’m wondering if the double-glazed nature of the thing will affect the light getting through. I think it’ll be OK. Even if it’s no use for seedlings it’ll be great for over-wintering, once I’ve built in insulation to the sides.

Which reminds me, what did I do with those sheets of polystyrene I thought would come in useful one day?