To paraphrase Hamlet:

“I have of late, but wherefore I know not, lost all my interest in gardening”.

It’s a bit bewildering to find what was a burning passion is now feels like a pile of cold cinders.

If anything is to blame it is the woeful experience I had with my RHS3 course at my local college. Having to put so much effort into it does seem to have had the effect of thoroughly burning out my interest in horticulture.

In an attempt to reignite that flame I have been looking at various talks and courses in the vicinity for 2011. A nearby horticultural society had some good speakers last year with Fergus Garrett being particularly inspirational, and Matthew Wilson similarly engaging. Looking at the RHS’s Growing for Success talks I found that Matthew was doing a brace of talks at the nearest venue to me (not that that is particularly near).

But here I found issue. These are billed as “a series of talks to inspire gardeners across the UK. The RHS subsidises these talks to encourage a diverse audience to listen to high profile speakers.”, which seeing as the talks are at 2pm & 4 pm is frankly ludicrous. The timing means that those who are attend will not be at all diverse, and the audience will consist solely of pensioners and the non-working Chelsea-tractor driving mummies that abound in that neck of the woods.

If the RHS is serious with it’s intent, then surely these talks should be at weekends and in the evenings, or if they insist on having them in the day time place them in cities at lunchtime, where working people could steal away to attend them in their lunch-hour.

Looks like I’ll have to find inspiration elsewhere.