November 2010

This is one of Little Boots’ bath toys – I have a feeling it’s Fimbles-related


Two types of flower on this packet.

A really naff crystal flower – the picture does not do justice to how nasty it was.

This post is more about words than the photo.

The latter is not very good, even by my poor standard of photography, but when I explain the background to it, you may see why I’ve chosen to post it.

This morning I was on a train when I noticed the guy on the seat opposite was asleep. In fact he was so slumped in his seat, his chin on his chest, face hidden by the collar of his jacket, that he could easily have been dead. The contrast between this crumpled figure and the crisp origami tulip carefully placed beside him was an interesting one.

Assuming it was his flower, I wondered whether it’d been given to him, or he’d made it. I’m inclined to think the latter since as soon as we arrived at the end of the line he woke, leapt up, crushed the paper sculpture in his hand and raced off.

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