On Thursday I stuck six blog posts up here. The intention had been to do a dozen – don’t ask me why twelve – it seemed a number with a certain amount of weight about it.

But why do more than one in the first place?

Well before school beckoned Little Boots and I used to spend two days a week together – just the pair of us. We’d go off wombling, maybe round the shops in nearby towns, or along the riverbanks, or across the fields. Sometimes we’d just hang around at home making stuff at the kitchen table, or cooking, or noodling around in the garden.

Not unexpectedly I miss that contact and I miss those days. They were golden and unlike many wonderful eras I knew so at the time. When they stopped the sense of loss was palpable. In part this whole blog was a started to counter that and also, going forward, to act as an aide memoire for the future precious moments.

As time has gone and memory fades, I wish that I had documented those early years. So, since the days last week had very much the vibes of “pre-school times”, I thought I’d chart one.

Unfortunately actively participating in what was a great day, does kind of kibosh live blogging about the topic.