Is there a more unappetising word than leftovers?

Saying that you’ve made a meal from leftovers sounds like the food’s been picked out of the bin – well it does to me anyway.

At Boot Hall we use the phrase “Tumble Down Food” which is something we appropriated from the TV programme Economy Gastronomy.

Often when I am home alone with Little Boots we spend some time in the kitchen making food. It’s something we’ve done since the little person was so tiny as to only be capable of destroying mushrooms with a blunt knife. Earlier in the week we made a chicken stew, which today we tumbled down into an amazing chicken curry soup.

And while LB was going banzai with the hand-blender I was picking over Wednesday’s roast chicken remains ready for tonight’s meal – a Hugh F-W recipe involving lardons & cream, which I zhoosh a bit with mustard and white wine.