We are just back from the annual trip to family in France.

It was the first visit that I have not helped out with even some slight horticultural task about the place, or visited a garden, or found something of botanic interest.

It would have been easy to do so had I made the effort, but I am bereft of effort.

I have realised one thing, aside from the fact that I must get into better physical shape, and that is that I have lost some focus in my life and also my interest in gardening has waned. And when that interest was actually a passion – or obsession really – call it what you will, that’s a big hole.

Horticulture did not entirely leave me. I bought a spade, and a couple of packets of seeds, and also read most of the contents of a trio of Hortus quarterlies that I took with me. The latter did however help with filling the void and may have provided the germ of an idea.

Time will tell.