It would be so nice to say that Project Potshack is making great progress, but it’s not. In fact it’s hasn’t yet got off the ground and is barely progressing at all. I’m still very much in the materials gathering stage.

From around the house, garden, garage, shed etc I’ve gathered some timber that will help make the frame, but I need a lot more of this structural staff.

I did have my eye on a stack of waste wood on the drive of a house down the road that’s having and extension built, and I said to myself “I’ll knock and ask them if I can have it tomorrow” but by that time it’d gone.

Important rule of wombling – seize your chances.

Also compiled is an old tarp that will make a waterproof layer for the roof, a pile of twee garden fencing, the slats of which may serve as shingles and some defunct hardwood* garden furniture that I hope I may be able to transmogrify into shelving. 

(*Never throw hardwood away or burn it it’s too long-lasting and hence useful).

Meanwhile I’ve been steadily laying down the floor. It’s been the ideal opportunity to use up all the bits of paving slab that’ve been collected over the years.

I’ve learnt that it’s always useful to have a few bits of bricks, lumps of concrete and pieces of paving, for putting into footings, post holes etc.

Of course crazy paving is one of those things that’s amazingly common, despite being praeternaturally naff and ordinarily I would not have it in the garden. But this is a utility area and using up old paving slabs ties in well with the Project Potshack Principle of everything being made from recycled materials.