Toads seem to be a slight theme of late.

When I plant courgettes, pumpkins, squashes etc. I always dig a cut off plastic bottle into the ground beside them as a funnel, to allow for accurate, effective, heavy watering. I`ve done this for years and have never had a problem with critters getting trapped in them. But yesterday down the allotment I found that a small toadlet (about as big as a kumquat if you’re interested) had got stuck in one. This only became apparent as I glugged water into the hole. The little fella came to the top, riding the wave like a surfer. At which point the watering can ran out, the water subsided and he sank quicker than an England football fan’s dreams.

I thought about winkling him out with a stick or putting something in to act as an escape route, but the former was too unfriendly and the latter not practical, so I got another load of water sloshed it in like crazy and when surfer-toad- dude came ripping up on the tsunami, he was able to leap from the crest and was gone, bouncing across the plot aiming for a shady spot.