A simple general rule of recycling, re-using, upcycling, or whatever you want to call it, is that the more you have of a type of object, the more likely it can be turned into something useful – for example, one walking stick is not massively useful in the garden, unless you have a gammy leg. But if you had a dozen, you could use them in a bed as quirky plant supports – all very Ivan Hicks.

Of course it may not be immediately apparent what the useful something is and this was very much the case at the weekend when I collected these plastic tubes at a party. They had contained some childrens’ toy, or other, and just looked like they could be useful – I can`t explain why. Of course this behaviour of mine drives the OH dotty.

I should also add that the orange string in the photo is an oddment I wombled from somewhere, and that wombling behaviour also drives the OH dotty.

I haven`t yet thought of a use for them. Part of a bug hotel maybe.

Something will present itself, of that I`m sure.

And if it isn’t a gardeny thing, it will be something to amuse Little Boots.

Vuvuzelas for Wombles perhaps?