An occasional series on a few of my favourite things.

It must have been six years ago that I stopped wearing a watch. They kept getting trashed in the garden, or whilst decorating, or something. Actually it must have been longer than that, because it was around the same period that I got my first mobile phone and I just started using that to tell me what time it was.
Over the last ten months I have given up my contract phone for a pay as you go. In a small part this was an economic measure, but really a deliberate act intended to free myself from the tyranny of the device, which, whilst useful had become some kind of parasite, and security blanket, and mental bubblegum, and cigarette-a-like dependency all wrapped up in one.
I can’t actually say that it has freed up more of my time though it must have. In that it is a bit like giving up fags and expecting that you’ll have more money in your pocket. You don’t.

But I found that I needed a timepiece, and so bought this silly little rubbery thing. Granted it looks stupid, but it’s durable, waterproof and I never have to take it off. In fact I only ever do, when Little Boots demands to borrow it and then parades around with it pushed right up to the bicep like some celtic torque.