Saving seeds is something I do quite often, some from my own garden, but also others I come across in my travels. Usually they end up in a folded piece of paper, or tissue even, and only discovered weeks/months later.   Recently I have been much better – partly because I’ve made a small supply of suitable seed-saving envelopes.

First take one return postage envelope – it does not need to be from the RHS, I’m just being posh, normally I use credit card ones.

Then seal it up. You will have to add some extra glue to the area cross-hatched in green, or small seeds will escape.

Cut it in half, and then fold over the cut edge to a depth of about an inch/3cm.

Make two diagonal cuts from the botton of the open side, towards the folded corner (see photo), making two flaps and  then fold back the top one.

Cut off the bottom one, et voila, a neat little envelope for saving your seeds in.

Don’t forget to seal it, wither with a pritt stick (not wet glue) or a strip of tape, and remember to label it with the contents (add the date too).