Strange how perceptions differ. I don’t think I do much recycling. The OH says otherwise, adding the caveat, “You are always hanging onto crap that you claim will be useful.”

Is that recycling? I suppose so, but tend not to think of it that way. Partly it’s a thrifty nature, but mostly it’s because there is pleasure to be found in finding inventive new uses for things. That is a bit sad, I know, but probably not as sad as blogging on the subject, which leads me to….

Pot feet.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I don’t like pot feet – they mostly look clunky and unnecessary and, contrary to their intention, utterly inelegant.

So I use plastic milk bottle tops. They are incredibly strong – try squashing one by standing on it – and can be slipped underneath any pot in the garden that needs raising slightly off the ground , to  improve drainage, or stop ants getting in. Added to which not only are they then invisible, but they are only about 7 mil high, so often it’s not immediately discernible that the pot is raised up at all.

Another use, if you are someone who grows lots of seeds in toilet roll centres, is to turn one of the tops into a compost tamper – they are just the right diameter.

You do need to fit a handle on the thing though.

This is a simple process, but some essential pre-planning is required, as the night before you will need to drink a bottle of wine.

The next day, take the wine cork and glue it to the bottle top. Alternatively you can attach it with a screw, which is perhaps a better option as it’s stronger and also creates a little dimple which is excellent for making sure seeds don’t roll around and stay centered until you push them down into the compost.

H &S tip – Get someone else to use the screwdriver, if you are still feeling the effects of the wine. A morning-after hangover and casualty is not a combination I’ve experienced, but I can’t believe it’s a good thing.

I did have one other use. I drilled holes in some, put nails through the holes and then pushed them down the tops of bamboo canes, to support netting. They worked very well but without the netting in place tend to blow off. Just like when you drop a slice of buttered toast, they always land topside down, which leaves a nail sticking straight up in the air, making them an anti-personnel weapon very nearly as effective a weapon as a caltrop ( a medieval nasty designed to disable the horses of charging knights).

As someone who has, in the past, trodden on a nail sticking out from a piece of wood, I can tell you this is a very bad idea indeed.