So far this week, my dreams have been much more vivid than usual. Actually, that’s not quite right. It may just be that I’m remembering them better. You see, I often know when I’ve been having wild and wacky dreams, but can seldom recall the content.

I think the last few days have been different because I’ve been woken at around 5-ish by nextdoor’s baby kicking off. Being woken mid-dream seems to result in me actually retaining some of the content come the morning.

Mostly they make no sense and I’ve no idea what they’re about, but I can clearly see where last night’s came from.

Much of it was due to the evening’s TV viewing. Firstly, on Alys Folwer’s programme, a lady (who appeared much more confident in front of the camera than AF) was making ‘fruit leathers’. Afterwards I didn’t change channel quick enough and caught some of the ropey, antiques-themed, piece of lifestyle fluff that follows it, in which a couple were looking at leather sofas.

You’re probably there ahead of me, but add to that a feint recollection of GQT’s Bob Flowerdew claiming to have made a hat from fruit leather, and is it any wonder I dreamt about someone trying to make a Chesterfield from the stuff.

 Anyone who’s ever sat on a piece of leather furniture in the summer knows how you can stick to them. Imagine sitting on one made of dried fruit puree.