Along with sweet peas, and beans, I always soak the seeds of Morning Glory overnight. My choice of variety in the past has sometimes been the pale Heavenly Blue, and often the intense purpley blue Star of Yelta, but this year I picked up a packet of Hazelwood Blues, which have traditional purpley flowers along with white ones, that have lines of purple shading, although in truth the latter look a lot like bindweed. The seeds themselves are a mix of black and white, so you could select one colour or other I guess.

Trying something new wasn’t the sole reason I bought them – 25p from each packet goes to Thrive the horticultural therapy charity.

Last weekend I put a dozen seeds in to soak. And then forgot about them till today. When I remembered them I was expecting the worst, but then found that they had actually sprouted and were growing healthy roots, as you can see.

So I’d better get on and plant them.