It’s all too easy as a parent to worry about your child’s (and your own parental) shortcomings. For example, yesterday Little Boots went to a party and ended up crying a few times over very trivial things. Tears seem to come all to readily at the moment and we don’t know what this is all about.

We are a bit concerned. But as with all these sort of worries, it often means that you don’t stop to reflect that you have given your child a pretty good set of values and examples of behaviour to live their life by.

Today in a banging, whining, banshee of noise, not to mention smell of burning, the washing-machine died. We can’t live without one, but we can’t afford a new one. We voiced the former, but not the latter, because five-year olds do not need to know about those sort of realities.

So, it could only have been generosity and a loving, giving, nature that led to Little Boots announcing conspiratorially to the OH, “I’ve got a lot of money – you can use that to get a washing machine.”

Never was £3.67 so freely given.