Some are dismissive of the upsurge in veg growing as a fad. Usually a passing fad – as if there was any other kind.

I’m not sure that it is. Yes there’ll be lots of come-day-go-day flibbertigibbets dabbling away, but I think there is a sizeable core of devotees who are genuinely committed and hooked to growing at least some of their own food.

That said, there are aspects of the GYO movement that are classic pointers to it being a fad, such as sudden media interest and previously disinterested folk holding forth on the subject. But prime among these is the ill-informed cash-in.

At the weekend I saw seed strips containing not more than 6 plants each of runner beans, cabbages and carrots for sale at two quid a go.

Then yesterday, I saw pots (about 3 or 4 litres in size) of growing potatoes for a fiver.

I guess that if you have a small balcony, or tiny yard, a handful of bean plants is just the thing (especially if you are somehow incapable of pushing a handful of beans into a suitable pot), but I can’t see that the carrots are anything other than a waste of time. As for the spuds, I suppose you might get a crop ranging from pea to marble-sized. You could pot them on I suppose, but I’ve never heard of anyone potting on potatoes. I mean what’s the point?

And therein lies the sad consequence of people being taken for a ride, They will get a poor crop, lose interest and think “What’s the point?”