Yesterday the OH bought me a copy of “Grow It!” – not the sort of magazine I’d ever buy, after all (even if I wasn’t put off by the unnecessary exclamation mark) I have plenty of books on growing things, and for what they don’t cover there is the internet.

That said there were quite a few bits and pieces inside that were of interest, chief among which was news of this project by the organisation that I still think of as the HDRA.

Then today, the same thing was covered in the Guardian gardening blog.

I used to think that a subject appearing in a number of publications at around the same time was due to coincidence. But that was when I was a naive soul and didn’t realise that journalists either do not have the freedom, or don’t posses the wit, to seek out interesting pieces, and so simply pick up on the same press releases.

What was a true coincidence is that the news of this initiative found its way to me on the day that my Indian squash seeds started to poke their heads up.

Whether they will prove to be Garden Organic’s desireable dudi/Indian bottle gourd, only time will tell.