Personal taste is such a strange thing.

Many people don’t like Forsythia, but to me a big yellow cloud of it on a dreary day is rather cheering.

Then again, a lot of people say that daffodils are lovely and cheerful. They’ve always given me a feeling of unease and I’ve only just worked out why.

I don’t like them.

There, I’ve said it. It’s the fact that so many people do that makes me uneasy. I feel I should like them, and I’ve tried, but they’re horrible.

Does that make me weird? Probably. But what’s to like in a flower that looks like a child has made it with some card and part of an eggbox?

Something that definitely is peculiar is my dislike of winter aconites, because that isn’t based on the flower (for instance I love celandines, which look similar), but the ruff of green leaves round it’s neck. For some reason that puts me right off them, to the point that they sort of give me the creeps.

Now that is weird.